Samayapuram Mariamman Temple, Trichy

  • Distance: 21 kms
  • Time Travel: 30 Mins
  • Operation Time: 5.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Samayapuram Mariamman Temple is one of the renowned Shakthi shrines of Tamil Nadu. This holy place is situated in the Chennai – Trichy National Highway which is around 20 KM from Hotel Blossoms.

Mariamman is the main goddess in Samayapuram. The Goddess Mariamman is very powerful, devotees fondly called as “Amma” (Mother in English).

Devotees saying goes, “Samayapurathal will protect her devotees in times of need” (Samayapuram Mariamman Samayathil Kaappal – in Tamil). It is the faith of the people that Mariamman will protect them though they are far away from her in other places of the world.

Built in the early 18th century by King Vijayaraya Chakkaravarthi is the present day form of the Samayapuram Mariamman temple. Another exciting fact is that The Goddess was built only by sand and clay.


There is a story saying that the Goddess Mariamman idol was at the Ranganathaswamy (Lord Vishnu) temple at Srirangam, and one of the respectable chief priests believed that the Goddess idol has caused illness to  Lord Vishnu and henceforth Goddess Mariamman idol was moved from Srirangam temple.


At that time, the Goddess Samayapuram Mariamman was found by some of the devotees who are passing by and they built a temple for the idol. The temple was named as Kannanur Mariamman temple.


After the war occurred and when there is a shift in the Vijayanagara Empire, the deity was changed from Kannanur Mariamman temple to Samayapuram Mariamman Temple, to celebrate their success by building a holy shrine for the Goddess.

Based on the Tamil calendar, Arulmigu Mariamman Temple has 5 important festivals and people from different place visit in huge numbers.


  1. Thai Poosam Festival – Thai Month [January]
  2. Poochoriyal (Flower Sprinkling Festival): – Masi Month [February – March]
  3. Chithirai Festival: Panguni – Chithirai Months [ April – May ]
  4. Pancha Prakaram: Chithirai – Vaikasi Months [May – June]
  5. Navratri Festival – Purattasi Month [September – October]

The Goddess Aayiram Kannudaiyal Samayapuram Mariamman is one of the most famous temples. Words are insufficient to describe her power and grace.

Don’t miss out this famous temple at Trichy.