Rockfort Temple

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26 October 2018

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  • Distance: 5.1 kms
  • Time Travel: 23 Mins

Rockfort Temple is a small hillock which carries a magnificent piece of history. It is not only a centre of faith, a display of wonderful architecture, but a landmark of Trichy. The height is almost 273 feet and takes 417 steps to reach the Uchi Pillayar. It is also a culmination of history, science, architecture and devotion. It is one of the must-see places in Trichy which portrays the pride of our ancient kings, and the devotion to building a great monument which lasts for centuries.

Three hundred steps and a heart full of devotion is all it takes to see the elephant-headed God, who has a small dent on his head, made by Vibishana, brother of Ravana.

The temple also holds enormous history from Vijayanagara Empire, travelling to Pallava Empire and British Empire. Originally Rockfort was a big fort with main-guard gate and the temple is situated in between the fort to protect it and guard against enemies, which now stands still even with the test of times. It is still believed that there is a mysterious subway to Tanjur from this temple, where kings and other people used it as a secret passage during wars and difficult times. The special temple-tank as we call it Theppakulam adds beauty and holds a great significance.

Manikka Vinayagar welcomes you in the ground level, and from there we need to again cross 200 steps to reach Thayumanavar Swamy and Thayar sannithi. Rockfort takes a prominent place in the hearts of expected mothers, as we all believe that it was Lord Shiva who came as the mother of the pregnant lady and helped her for the childbirth, hence the name Thayumanavar( Incarnated as a mother). The ancient paintings on the wall, nice carvings, chain carved out of the stone are still the wow-factor.

From there, it takes another hundred steps which are completely carved out of stone to reach the Ucchi Pillayar. Needless to say, it gives a splendid view of entire Trichy City. People used to bring water for Abishekam (Sacred Bath) for Pillayar from the Cauvery River that flows very near to the temple.

Vibishana, brother of Ravana was presented with an Idol of Lord Perumal, by Rama, after he won over the Srilanka to rescue his wife Seetha. Vibishana wanted to take it back to Srilanka. Knowing this, Lord Vinayaka went in a disguise of a small boy. He tricked Vibishana and placed the idol in between a forest. He was then chased to the top of the hill and was hit hard on his head, making a small dent. Later, the idol was discovered and Srirangam temple was built. A good link between Saivam and Vaishnavism established through this story.

It is believed that Lord Ganesha is the obstruction remover, any devotee who comes and prays will have his problems removed and can restore a peaceful life. Devotees pray to lord Jurahareshwarar, for good health. It is believed that if you smear sandal to the idol, he restores your good health. After childbirth, people used to leave banana bunch as their token of thanks.