Srirangam temple

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26 October 2018

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  • Distance: 15.4 kms
  • Time Travel: 35 Mins

Beauty and devotion thy name, stands still in the test of times and manifests the pride of Trichy, is the island Srirangam, which holds the famous “Renganatha Swamy Temple”, a shrine to manifest about Lord Vishnu. Looking from a distance, it’s a magnificent site, and one of the breathtaking views are seen here. Holding a strong connect with Rock-fort temple, this temple is believed to be brought by Vibishana, brother of King Ravana. The Idol originally belonged to Lord Rama.

As Lord Ganesha, was not willing to let go of that precious idol, he tricked vibishana and made the statue to firmly fix in the ground.


This is the first and foremost of the Dhivya Desham (Holy Shrine) among other famous 108 temples listed in the Hindhu’s doctrine. This is also known as “Boologa Vaikundam”, meaning earth’s heaven. The prominence of this temple has increased multifold, when the tower was built before three decades, making it the tallest tower among all functioning Hindhu shrine in South-East Asia.


This temple has a very strong connection with the history which runs to 4th century AD. The inscriptions in the temple were that of 1st millennium AD. This temple has withstood many invasions and was said to be plundered during the invasion. The temple is one of the huge temples across the world with more than 156 acres in total with seven enclosures formed by thick and huge rampart walls. They run along the sanctum for the devotees to ambulate the shrine. The temple complex has more than 50 shrines. With over 21 towers, a magnificent water-tank, gold plated temple towers are certainly a unique sight to any visitor.