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27 October 2018

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  • Distance: 24.6 km
  • Time Travel: 43 Mins
  • Operation Time: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Kallanai was also known as the Grand Anicut has been the oldest dam in India which is built across the river Cauvery / Kaveri in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. The dam was constructed by the King Karikala Cholan in 2nd century AD (about 2000 years ago) to serve irrigation needs. Kallanai dam is the masterpiece of Engineering & Architecture. It diverts the Kaveri water to the delta districts to uplift irrigation thereby avoiding a disaster of corps due to floods.

Kallanai is the 4th oldest water regulator structure in the world and the oldest in India which is still serving irrigation purpose and stands strong under the test of time and weather. It has a strong foundation and it is still in excellent condition and is used as a major irrigation dam in Tamil Nadu. Due to the excellent Engineering process and efforts, Kallanai has been an inspiration for modern-day Engineers.

Kallanai has located 20 km from Trichy city and it’s a perfect picnic spot for family and friends. There is a small park adjacent to the dam where children can enjoy the little rides and games. Visitors can be allowed to bath in water with limits and caution. You can splash the water and enjoy the natural bath with the tiny fishes. Visitors are allowed to go fishing.

One should never miss the mouthwatering fish fry that the live food stalls provide. The fresh fishes direct from the river cooked with spicy masalas, deep fried in the oil to your plate. Snacks and fruit shops are also available to add an extra energy to stay longer and make you more convenient.

Take a walk, listen to the music of flowing water and enjoy the beauty of river Kaveri. Sure Kallanai will be one of the most unforgettable experiences in your journey!

You can take a cab to enjoy the preview of the scenic beauty that the road trip of Kallanai offers. Get fresh air, inhale the green oxygen, enjoy the chirps of birds and the beautiful green farms on the way of Kallanai road.

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